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Solar Enterprise Solutions, Inc. specializes in the application of Computers, Software and Information Technology principles with adherence to Computing Standards, and Software Development Methodologies for the realization of better benefits and Returns on Investment (ROI) to its customers and their businesses.

Through its promoter, it has had a wide and enriching experience in delivering software solutions to a variety of companies in the fields of Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Hospitals, Food to name a few sectors in Life Sciences and Food sectors of the global economy. The company has also rendered services in the area of computerization of business operations, use of ANSI and other International Data Exchange Standards for Information Exchange, Transactions, Business Intelligence and Regulatory Reporting between entities in a Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C) situations. It is also endeavoring to acquire and promote subsidiaries and hence widen its presence and scope as the provider of software solutions. The company also has star plans for expansion into other areas and is considering various product dealerships, partnering and marketing arrangements for its services.


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